Feb 24, 2018 Workshop

Submitted by emudata on Mon, 02/26/2018 - 07:17
Native plants, native seeds, Environmental Metrics Unlimited

To help promote awareness of the use of native plants, Environmental Metrics Unlimited, EMU, hosted its first Native Plant Seed Starter Workshop at Chestnut Hill Friends Meeting (CHFM) on Saturday Feb. 24, from 1- 3 PM.

Ten participants learned about the importance of native plants, as well as how to grow and select varieties. They were able to choose from over 15 varieties of native seeds and planted a ready-to-germinate tray.

Our thanks to Cyane Gresham, and the CHFM Landscape Committee, who hosted the workshop and donated the rental cost of the room to EMU, saving us $100! Our thanks also to Alex and Alyse, Jonathan and Samantha, Carolyn, Linda, Diane D., JoAnn, Nancy and Diane H. for making a contribution to EMU and the earth!